Assistance Convoyages : more than a job, being a delivery skipper is a passion!
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Yacht Delivery Skippers, Members of the "Dream Team"
Alain Drujon d'Astros, Skipper-Convoyeur Alain Drujon d'Astros
Registered as a professional yacht delivery skipper (French Marine Marchande) since 1977. Gives you a hint on the age...
Ten Atlantic crossings, one Indian Ocean, Norh Pacific from Canada to Panama, South Pacific from Tahiti to Panama, many years of deliveries to a variety of destinations, many years chartering in the Caribbean. Now based in Vancouver, Canada.
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François-Convoyages voiliers et moteurs François Colmant
Registered as a professional skipper as well. François has crossed the Atlantic several times as well, sailed in the Pacific, in Asia and across the Indian Ocean, through all the Caribbean... He also built a Chinese Jonque in Vietnam. Currently based in Southern France.
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Richard Carrier, delivery skipper Frédéric Picard
Fred is a French skipper who holds all necessary documents as per Northern American and GB standards (SCTW, MoY, Yachtmaster Offshore etc.). Fred is an instructor at the famous Ecole de Voile des Glénans and has already a great deal of experience in Atlantic crossing and coastal navigation in unfriendly seas.
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